Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal 1

22.5.17  science journal
         Week 1.
  Slimming mr Anderson.
At the start of the term some of the classes made slime so we could slime Mr Anderson at Monday meet up. Our class experimented in the end we made the slime with water and corn flour which is actually called Oobleck. When we poured it on top of Mr Anderson's head it ran down his back so you could easily see that it had water in it. Our slime was green and it smelt like snot. Our class made two batches but the second one was way more watery so we mixed both of them together. I think that good slime should be not too runny and not too hard, because if it is too hard the slime won't even come out of the bucket but if it is too runny it will come out of the bucket too fast. The learning in this was that if you mix a slime that's too thick and a slime that is too runny together it makes a good constituency for slime. On the rubric I sit at multi structural because explain what I learnt and how he slime smelt and what I think it should look like.

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