Thursday, 6 April 2017

What I play hard at.

Finally school is over, I quickly run home slip on my hockey uniform and hop in the car. I blast on my favourite songs and my dad drives off. When I get there I take off my big coat and get on the field.
Blocking, puffing, running and scoring. Now it is half time. I race off the field and stuff my face with as many oranges as I can. I have a drink and dash back on the field. Oops, ouch I find myself on the ground blood dripping on my knee, but it Is too late to quit now. I hop back up and start running again. Even though it hurts a little and I'm hot and tired I not, going to chicken out.I chase the ball and score a goal. Now the game is over. Time to get off the field. I go over to the team. The coach starts to announce the player of the day. What i think I heard wrong name, nope I'm not wrong it is me. I feel hot and tired but mostly proud.

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