Sunday, 4 December 2016

hide and seek

Hide and seek.
One two three I hear the teaches counting.
Four five six the prickly bushes calls my name come here Matilda come here.
Ninety nine one hundred try to decide where to go ready all not here I come hurry they are coming.
The sharp bushes rustle behind me but try to hold their breath.
Be still are the teachers close?
Quick duck behind the tree.
People trudge while they sulk it isn't fear I wasn't ready.
Should we move are we going to get seen here?
Don't breath,don't move,stay dumb.
Miss pageot scans the bushes a fox eyeing out it prey.
Oh know we are going to get found she is coming closer.
Stay still like a statue.
She comes prowling in who's that person crouching down oh know I'm done for she's found me.
I wish she didn't checked the bushes.
I sulk back thinking at least I wasn't the first person to get found.

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