Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Matilda's speech

This term I have been learning about structuring a speech.
I did a speech how we should stop using plastic bags and start using fabric bags.
I gave reasons to support my argument, for example I said I think we should stop using plastic bags because they can cause serious effects for example filling up landfills and polluting the oceans and making our environment unhealthy.
I think that my speech went well because I had a good structure it was a good persuasive speech and I had lots of language devices. I think I had good language devices because imperatives which are “picture this” and “think back to a time” and “imagine if”and I use rhetorical question. I think that I did pretty well with the structure but I lack with balanced connections and flow. I think that lots of my ideas connects to the point of view.  So people will start using fabric bags and saving the world.
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Have you ever thought about where plastic bags end up? You have probably seen them before. Maybe it was flying through the sky or perhaps stuck to the ground or even caught in a windscreen of your car. People have been using plastic bags for a long time and it needs to stop. It is bad for the environment. On one side there is plastic bags, they are so convenient, and easy to use  but they can also cause serious effects like polluting the oceans, filling up landfills, suffocating animals making them choke and possibly making them die. You can take that risk, or you can make your shopping a little less convenient and use fabric bags.  They can be annoying because 
you have to clean them out, but that doesn't mean that they aren't useful, because they don't break and rip like plastic bags do.  Instead of using plastic bags you could use fabric bags. There is actually an advantage in using fabric bags because you can make your own and look pretty stylish so it's technically a win win either way, they don't hurt the environment and they can look good.  I also know that countdown has been offering fabric bags so people can stop using plastic bags.We should start catching on to that habit and bringing our own fabric bags so people can see what a difference it makes.Ok think back to a time that you used a plastic bag and didn't think about the consequences. Now think back to a time that you did think about the consequences and you still couldn't be bothered to use a fabric bag mmmmm it needs to stop. Imagine if you just came out of the supermarket and one of your plastic bags flew away.  What do you do? Do you pick it up or do you just leave it to float away?  If you leave it to float away you're probably going to think, ow it's only one plastic bag what can it do?  But if everyone does that we are going to be swimming in them.  Like seriously, plastic bags are everywhere. My friend saw one stuck on the train tracks, that could jam the rails and also she saw one in the ocean and no-one picked it up- just a simple bend down and pick up a piece of rubbish. 
If you're looking into being plastic bag free you could also try being rubbish free.  There is a video that I recently watched about a lady who made her life rubbish free.  She is enjoying it too. She makes her own toothpaste and everything. She doesn’t even use plastic bags to get veggies, she doesn’t get biscuits with a wrapper. If she can cut out all of her rubbish, we must be able to just cut out plastic bags.Even if you don't take this advice or if you have seem to forget about what I'm saying to you next time if you use a plastic bag will you think about where it ends up? …….in the ocean or in an animal's mouth. Use fabric bags and we’ll have a healthier environment for all living creatures.

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  1. This writing is great it has great
    Language and is a great speech
    I think you have done good work
    And you should keep on writing
    Because you are good at it.