Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Night in the park

I hear the wind groan a song 
that makes me think there is danger ahead.
I'm not scared, I say to myself.
I see a lamppost waiting, standing there 
in the middle of the darkness - a statue. 
The ink of my newspaper drips down the page 
smudging the words so I can't read.  
The weather washing machine churns and turns 
the trees, who call out ‘It's time to stop, let us out to dry.’

When will I get out of this place?
Why am I the only one here?
Who can make the day flicker with sunlight?
                              Night in the park
                                By: Edward Hopper.
I am learning to write ekphrastic poetry, that means poetry inspired by a piece of art. 
I am going well because I can use metaphors instead of similes but need a bit of help to get it started. My next step is to learn how to do it by myself.


  1. I think you did a fabulous job Matilda. Your poem is amongst my favourites, because you set the mood well with your choice of words and I love your washing machine metaphor for the weather. Your poem very much suits the artwork.

  2. Wow you left me thinking super deep. I love it when you say I hear the wind groan I feel as if I am there and I can connect with that because I listen to the trees and I think they make music. Your a great writer. From your friend Lily

  3. Wow Matilda I love your poem and how it is all in metaphors. I love the picture you based it on too. I think your poem is awesome. I also like it how you put your self in it so you are the person in the painting.