Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where is my happy place?

Where brown quails play hopscotch
in the shade of a summer's day.

Where the kauri wave to you 
as you walk past in the morning sun.

Where the pohutukawa tree shows off its colours 
when people are near.

Where the grass dances 
in the summer breeze.

Where the dolphins perform 
in the dark blue sea.

That's my happy place.


  1. Hey Matilda
    I love you're poem you use descriptive word.
    My favourite line is where brown quails play hopscotch because I get a good image in my head.
    You are a amazing writer.
    Where is this place?

  2. Wonderful that makes it even better because I can connect more because I also have wonderful memories of akoroa

  3. What a good story Matilda
    This is a good story and it is a happy
    Place by the sound